Eating to Support Athletic Performance (Mini-Course)

This mini-course is designed for those of us who, in addition to desiring a healthy relationship with food, also have specific athletic and performance-related goals. You'll learn the basics of sports nutrition to help you understand how to properly fuel your training and recovery all without meticulous tracking or obsessing about the food you eat.

Equipped to Thrive

Intuition can and should play a powerful role when it comes to feeding ourselves and our families while navigating our challenging food environment. Equipped to Thrive explores and focuses on a powerful, evidence-based eating framework called Intuitive Eating that integrates instinct, emotion, and rational thought. My hope is it will help you finally break free of the perpetual diet cycle!

Getting Started With Weight/Resistance Training (Mini-Course)

This mini-course sets the foundation for understanding the basics of putting together a solid resistance training program based on your unique goals, preferences, and abilities (weights, machines, bodyweight, resistance bands, etc.). While it's designed for those completely new to weight training, if you've been lifting for some time, some of what you've been taught may be lacking nuance, incorrect, restrictive and limiting, or even downright dangerous. You never know, you may pick up something you didn't know!

Managing Late-Night Eating (Mini-Course)

In this short course, you'll learn ways to navigate and address problematic late-night eating in the context of Intuitive Eating. Many people struggle with this and often address it through restriction, rules, and attempts at more rigid self-discipline. This course will help you discover what truly needs to be addressed without restriction, guilt, or shame.

Put Calorie/Point Counting Behind You (Mini-Course)

In this mini-course, you'll learn how to move away from tracking calories, macros, points, syns, etc. This is an important part of the process of reconnecting with your body's hunger and fullness signals as well as making peace with food. However, some people aren't ready to stop cold-turkey. You'll learn some strategies to help if you need to take a more gradual process.