Link Resource: NutriSearch

Resource: NutriSearch

The fitness community is overloaded with self-proclaimed “experts”, online coaches, nutrition advice, supplements, and especially memes. Don’t me wrong. A lot of these people are very knowledgeable and provide excellent information and services. However, there is enough conflicting information to make your head spin. One person says “milk, it does a body good” while another …

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Opinion “Dieting” and the Holidays

“Dieting” and the Holidays

Let me preface this post by saying that this is an opinion piece. It’s basically a glorified version of a comment I might post in a fitness related Facebook group when someone asks, “What should I do about Thanksgiving with my diet?” I dislike the word “dieting” and the meaning it communicates most often in our …

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Tips Tip: Break a Fat Loss Plateau Without Eating Less

Tip: Break a Fat Loss Plateau Without Eating Less

At the most fundamental level, fat loss occurs when your body burns more calories than it is consuming. So, if you hit a plateau and no longer see those inches dropping or that number on the scale decreasing for a period of time, your first response might be to decrease your caloric intake by 250 …

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Link Link: Cardio and Strength Training in Women

Link: Cardio and Strength Training in Women

“Cardiovascular fitness has decreased and obesity has increased in youth-adults world-wide during the last ten years. Therefore, there is an urgent need to find out optimal exercise training programs for improving physical performance and health outcomes, especially, among sedentary women.” Read this short, informative article, titled, “Effects Of Combined Strength And Endurance Training On Physical Performance …

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Tips Tip: Rest-Pause Training

Tip: Rest-Pause Training

Are you looking for a way to add some progressive overload to your training without increasing the weight? Rest-pause training is one tool that should be in every lifter’s arsenal. Rest-pause training extends a set to allow you to perform more work with a given weight than otherwise possible by resting for a very short …

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Article Assessing or Just Guessing?

Assessing or Just Guessing?

“If you’re not assessing, you’re just guessing.” How do you know if you are getting stronger, healthier, faster, leaner, or making progress toward some other fitness related goal? How do you know if your current training program and diet are working toward your individual goals? It’s not the number on that horrible torture device called …

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