Bonus Resource – “Processed Food” In the Context of Intuitive Eating

NOTE: If you’re new to Intuitive Eating and struggling with the principle of “unconditional permission to eat” or having difficulty throwing out the food rules you learned through years of dieting, you may want to come back to this bonus resource.

The terms “processed” and “ultra-processed” are used in the health and wellness space to describe certain types of foods based on the processing that they’ve undergone. There are a number of problems with these terms when used to describe food, especially since most people associate “processed food” with being unhealthy, bad for you, toxic, junk, etc. At best these terms are vague and not particularly helpful but in many cases, referring to foods in this way negatively impacts our relationship with food. In this episode of the Men’s Intuition podcast, I touch on the topic of how to approach “processed” foods in the context of Intuitive Eating and our relationship with food.