Should I Cut Out Energy Drinks?

I am not a coffee drinker.

I don’t like the taste or smell of it.

Yep, I said what I said.

However, I do enjoy my energy drinks.

Energy drinks are a popular whipping boy for the health and nutrition community but we won’t get into debating the research and specifics of the issues people have with them.

You think you need to eliminate them in the interest of “health.” This is the typical “dieting” approach for just about anything deemed “unhealthy.”

The problem is that this is the same restrictive mindset leads to the issues so many people have with their relationship with food.

Instead, get curious.

What is it that you like about this drink? (taste, fizziness, caffeine effects, etc.)

Does it serve a purpose in your life when you feel the desire to consume one? (improve alertness, even a placebo effect)

How does your body feel when you drink one? (energized, a crash later, jittery, etc.)

There are other questions you could ask yourself but my point is reflect before you restrict.

Aside from the fact that the research just doesn’t support the fear-mongering of many out there, maybe it is worth exploring your consumption of energy drinks a bit more.

I found myself drinking one a day pretty consistently for a while. As I began to get a bit more curious, I realized that I was using them for the purpose of getting a little boost. Duh, right?

However, why did I need that boost?

I wasn’t getting enough sleep.

So, they served a purpose which was to help with alertness when I was feeling a bit sluggish.

But, there’s another way to boost alertness … sleep. Duh again, right?

I honestly had no desire or reason to cut them out but I decided to be more intentional about getting 8-ish hours so I didn’t need them. Not because I thought they were bad but because sleep is actually what my body needed.

The result? Less need for them, feeling better due to adequate sleep, and more money in my pocket ($2 a pop adds up).

These days, I don’t drink them every day but I don’t hesitate to enjoy one if I’m dragging a bit due to those inevitable life circumstances that pop up from time to time or if I just feel like having one because it sounds good.

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