Make Peace With Food (Principle #3)

When we make peace with food we give ourselves unconditional permission to eat.

Yes, chocolate, pizza, ice cream, donuts, cookies, burgers, and fries. But, also grilled chicken, leafy green salads, roasted vegetables, salmon, Greek yogurt, and quinoa.

Nothing is off the table. Nothing is forbidden, required, or put on a pedestal.

Definitely not something typically promoted by the fitness industry or on social media. Not something you’ll hear from your friends and family members who are dieting.

This doesn’t mean all foods are equal in nutrient contribution, how they benefit our bodies, how they make us feel, or their impact on other aspects of health.

However, something interesting happens when we restrict certain foods that we enjoy from being a regular part of our diet. We tend to fixate on them and it is one of the key factors in binge eating behaviors.

Sound familiar?

We talk about all the foods we wish didn’t have calories so we could eat them on our diet.

We speak fondly about what we ate for our “cheat” meal.

We long for what we can’t wait to have when our cutting phase is finally over.

We speak of foods as tempting, guilty pleasures, guilt-free, etc.

And then, “Last Supper” eating prior to starting a diet.

“I start my new diet on Monday. I won’t be able to have any donuts, pizza, fries, or ice cream for the next 12 weeks so I’m going to make sure I go out with a bang!”

When we make peace with food, we aren’t saying goodbye to anything. We are giving ourselves unconditional permission to eat any food, at any time, in any quantity. So, there’s no reason to fixate on it because we know that if we want it we have given ourselves permission to have it.

This doesn’t mean we’ll eat any particular food all the time or in excess. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Intuitive eaters make conscious decisions based on internal wisdom, reason, and trust in our bodies to eat the foods that we know we need at the time whether that be for quick energy, digestive health, post-workout recovery, and yes, even emotional pleasure!

Ready for principle #4 and start to challenge the food police? Read on here.

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