Equipped to Thrive Intuitive Eating Course

Learn more about my self-paced, video-based Intuitive Eating course!

Equipped to Thrive Men's Community

Join with a group of men where you’ll find daily content, encouragement, coaching, and support as we all navigate this Intuitive Eating journey together.

Intuitive Eating: Help Without Harming Webinar

Do you have a spouse, partner, or loved one who is working on something called, “Intuitive Eating” and wondering how you can best support them? This FREE webinar can help!

Men's Intuition Podcast

On my podcast, I explore a variety of topics related to a powerful, evidence-based eating framework called Intuitive Eating that integrates instinct, emotion, and rational thought. My hope is it will help you finally break free of the perpetual diet cycle!

Power Up With Intuitive Eating FREE Facebook Group

Join with a co-ed group of non-dieting, weight-inclusive, Intuitive Eaters who also happen to enjoy lifting weights, powerlifting, ninja/other sports, HIIT, and other forms of more structured exercise and training. Intuitive Eating’s focus on “joyful movement” doesn’t mean you can’t still train hard if that’s your thing! If it is, this may be the support community for you.