Do you have a spouse, partner, or loved one who is working on something called, “Intuitive Eating” and wondering how you can best support them?


Dieting typically results in weight regain.

More than a third of dieters regain more weight than they lost.


Dieting is one of the most powerful risk factors for developing binge eating issues.

Yes, they've been talking about this!

A strong support system is incredibly helpful for someone as they work on their relationship with food and their body.

Hey, I'm Jeff!

Certified Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and Intuitive Eating Coach

I specialize in helping individuals and families transform their relationship with food and body all without restriction, guilt, or shame.

I developed this FREE webinar to help those who have a spouse, partner, or other loved one who is practicing the principles of Intuitive Eating. Intuitive Eating is quite different than the typical approach to health and fitness. Having a good understanding of what it is and what it is not can help us (many of us are guys) effectively support and encourage them on this important journey.

Intuitive Eating: Help Without Harming

The Intuitive Eating: Help Without Harming Webinar is for YOU if ...

  • You have a spouse, partner, friend, or family member who is working on the principles of Intuitive Eating

  • You're wondering if this is just another fad that will come and go leaving them right back where they started

  • You're experiencing some conflict in the relationship because you're not on the same page anymore

  • You feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting messages related to health, nutrition, and fitness and now you're hearing about yet another one

  • You want to be as supportive and encouraging as possible but you're not sure how to help without harming

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