Discover the Satisfaction Factor (Principle #5)

It’s time to discover the satisfaction factor.

When we’re constantly concerned with the weight, shape, and size of our body and all the shoulds and oughts around nutrition, it’s easy to miss out on the pleasure and satisfaction that can and should be found in the eating experience.

When you’re eating food you truly enjoy, enough of that food, in an inviting, relaxing environment, satisfaction tends to ensue.

“Won’t you just eat all the sweets and junk food?”

Let’s be honest. How satisfying is that really?

Does it feel good to only eat donuts, pizza, ice cream, and candy all the time? (foods people often think of as “junk” … which they aren’t … so stop referring to them in that way … but that’s another discussion).

If we’re honest, that’s not truly satisfying. Might taste good, but the taste is only one component of satisfaction.

How do you feel when you’re done eating?

How do you feel 2 hours later?

How do you feel the next day?

Eating for satisfaction is not a lack of discipline. It’s not a nutritional cop-out. It’s not an unhealthy practice.

It’s actually the exact opposite. It’s quite healthy … physically, psychologically, emotionally, and socially. It encourages variety (which is one of the healthiest ways to ensure nutritional adequacy), honoring your hunger, and feeling your fullness (which we’ll talk about tomorrow).

And, if you struggle with emotional and/or binge eating, while it may seem counterintuitive, it’s one of the key principles that can help with this!

Over time, I’ll share some specific ways that we can discover satisfaction and how it works with the other principles in helping us eat in a way that is best for our individual bodies.

Next up is learning to feel your fullness. Click here to read on.

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