Respect Your Body (Principle #8)

To respect your body means … Accept your unique genetic blueprint. Stop criticizing your body’s size, shape, proportions, etc. Show compassion toward yourself and the changes that occur to all of our bodies throughout our lives. Don’t hold yourself to unrealistic cultural standards of the “ideal” body size or shape It doesn’t mean that you […]

Make Peace With Food (Principle #3)

When we make peace with food we give ourselves unconditional permission to eat. Yes, chocolate, pizza, ice cream, donuts, cookies, burgers, and fries. But, also grilled chicken, leafy green salads, roasted vegetables, salmon, Greek yogurt, and quinoa. Nothing is off the table. Nothing is forbidden, required, or put on a pedestal. Definitely not something typically […]

Honor Your Hunger (Principle #2)

What does it mean to honor your hunger? For starters, keep your body adequately fed with energy. The problem with suppressing/ignoring hunger whether, through willpower, caffeine, high volume “air foods”, or other hacks is that you can’t fight a biological drive for long. Once excessive hunger sets in (and it inevitably does), all intentions of […]