Fullness and Satisfaction are Not the Same

Fullness and satisfaction are not the same. Satisfaction is completely different than being full after a meal or snack. We can be full without being satisfied with a meal. Every meal or snack doesn’t need to be a perfect mix of flavors and textures that touches our soul and leaves us feeling completely content and […]

Putting Weight Loss On The Back Burner

Last week, I started training at a ninja gym. Not the masked guys in all black sneaking around assassinating people with throwing stars, obstacle course training like you see on American Ninja Warrior. It’s so much fun even though I’m pretty bad at it right now. But honestly, it’s essentially just a huge playground. How […]

A Weight-Neutral Approach to Health

Focusing on weight loss in and of itself can be problematic so, maybe it’s time to look into how a weight-neutral approach can bring health improvements. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the interest of “health”, performance goals, improving a specific health condition, appearance, energy levels, etc. It can still be a huge distraction and […]

Gentle Nutrition (Principle #10)

The final principle of Intuitive Eating is gentle nutrition. To be clear, these principles don’t necessarily follow any particular order. Everyone I’ve ever worked with has specific areas where they need more or less work. You don’t typically start with principle number 1 and simply work your way through them in order. In fact, we […]

Respect Your Body (Principle #8)

To respect your body means … Accept your unique genetic blueprint. Stop criticizing your body’s size, shape, proportions, etc. Show compassion toward yourself and the changes that occur to all of our bodies throughout our lives. Don’t hold yourself to unrealistic cultural standards of the “ideal” body size or shape It doesn’t mean that you […]

Feel Your Fullness (Principle #6)

Learning to feel your fullness is an important part of eating the amount of food that is right for you as a unique individual. Many people mistakenly see Intuitive Eating as a hunger and fullness diet. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Recognizing and honoring your hunger is important, but understanding when you’ve reached […]